What is the Climate & Ecological Emergency Bill?

The Climate and Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill is a Private Members’ Bill introduced into Parliament in September 2020. 

It has been written by scientists, lawyers and climate campaigners and is gathering support from a broad range of business leaders, charities and individuals.


The bill recognises that unless the world acts rapidly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the 1.5C goal of the Paris Agreement will slip out of reach in a few years. Once the 1.5C threshold is crossed, we will not be able to regain it. Beyond it lies climate catastrophe. 

The UK is currently aiming for net zero by 2050. That is too late. We are in an emergency. We can't wait THREE DECADES before we take action.  

The CEE bill will ensure that

  • our entire carbon footprint is taken into account, including all of the emissions linked to the production and transport of goods from overseas that we consume in the UK. 

  • we use natural solutions, instead of depending on unproven Negative Emissions Technology (NETs) that may not work at scale and offer a false sense of reassurance. 

  • we focus on nature as much as climate, protecting and conserving habitats and species in the UK.

  • we give citizens a say in how we move forward, building on the success of the UK’s Climate Assembly.  

The CEE bill currently has cross-party support from almost 100 MPs... but none from Shropshire! 

You can find more information on it here

Why Does it Matter to Shropshire?


We are already seeing the effects of the climate emergency in Shropshire. We are suffering from a series of interlinked crises including:

* Floods

* Pandemic

* Crop failure

* Species and habitat loss 

* Economic collapse

The UK govt plans to wait until 2050 before reaching net zero. 


Can we really wait THREE DECADES until we fix this?! 

In February Shropshire Council will debate a motion on whether or not to offer support to the bill and ask Shropshire MPs to get behind it. Other UK councils including Oxfordshire have already taken this step. 

Shropshire Council and Shropshire's MPs believe the UK is doing enough to meet the challenge of the climate emergency. 


What Can You Do To Help?


The best way to support the CEE Bill is to make your voice heard. 

Please email your Shropshire councillor asking them to support the CEE bill motion at the debate at Shropshire Council on 25 February. 

Your email will also be sent to your Shropshire MP asking them to support the CEE bill. 

We want 1,000 people from across Shropshire to send an email in support of the CEE bill. 


Please be one of them.